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United States Coast Guard  Licensed Captain

Cotton Cordell
Cotton Cordell Royal Shad Super Spot

The famous Royal Shad Super Spot is a favorite among clients and local anglers on Guntersville Lake. In the spring when the lipless crankbait bite heats up so does this bait and the tackle stores can’t keep them on the shelf.

Cotton Cordell fishing lures were originally designed to help fishing guides satisfy their clients on heavily fished waters. It was essential to come up with something new, something easy to fish, something that really worked when all else failed. That’s the legacy behind these exceptionally successful fishing lures, and that's still the way we think at Cotton Cordell.

Bomber Lures
Bomber Balsa B

The Bomber Balsa B is the perfect bait to fish shallow grass on Lake Guntersville. You can reel this bait down until it hits the grass and then pause it to let it float up out of the grass. Bass can’t stand it when the bait frees itself of the grass.

Bomber Lures is all about having just the right bait for the job at hand. As one of the most recognized brands of fishing lures and plugs of all fishing tackle, Bomber offers a full range of Bomber crankbaits and minnow lures. From Model As to Long As and the Fat Free Shad family, you won't find a more productive or versatile line of high-quality hard plastic fishing lures - including just about every diving depth, running style and color imaginable.

Sunline fishing lines
Sunline Super FC Sniper

Sniper is an excellent all around Florocarbon line. Fluorocarbon 100%, Tournament System Line. Good Sensivity, Low Strech, and Great Clarity.

Sunline Super FC Sniper FC Fluorocarbon Line was born in Japan, but earned its reputation as an outstanding line by whipping-up on big bass stateside. Formulated with the stealthyness of a sniper, Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line is nearly invisible and offers a high specific gravity which makes it ideal for picking off bass in deep water. Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line offers outstanding durability, high strength to diameter ratio and low water absorption which minimizes line weakening underwater.

Shimano Reels

Shimano SCI-1

Shimano reels have been my choice long before I ever choose a career in fishing. It’s very simple; Shimano reels perform day after day and take abuse that fishing in the grass delivers. At Mildrilla Fishing we use Shimano reels because they perform and last longer than any other reel on the market. Serious fishermen choose Shimano!

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Report on Fishing Conditions on Lake Guntersville




Client with a bounty of Guntersville largemouth

XCalibur_Baits_Rattle_Rayburn_RedThings are really picking up on Guntersville and the Big G is really starting to show why it’s one of the best bass lakes in the Nation. Lots of fish roaming the shallows and clients are getting them on Heddon Bayou Boogies and Xcalibur XR50 Rattle baits. Square lip crankbaits & jerkbaits are still producing while the Alabama rig bite has started to rebound and will continue to get better. Water temps are ranging 49-54 degrees with water clarity clear to slight stain.


Client of Tim Chandler fishing on Lake Guntersville, AL

Frozen fishing rod guidesOld Man winter has got his grips on us and we can’t seem to shake loose. More serve cold weather is forecasted for us this coming week. The good news is the bass are biting if you don’t mind cold. My client and I put the hurt on them with Xcalibur rattlebaits and jerkbaits. We targeted grass in 4-6 ft. around scattered grass and stumps. Water clarity is clear to slightly stained in most areas and water temps are ranging 42-44 degrees. Current is moderate with TVA pulling 47k CFS. I’m ready for some 50 degree days for crying out loud!

If you are coming to Classic in Birmingham, I have February 17th available to fish on Guntersville. I also have February 6, 10-12, 25-28th.

Spring months are still booking up and I only have the following days left open. March 3, 4, 10-12, 17, & 18th and April 3, 4, 22, 23, & 30th.

Call today at 256-655-8292 to reserve your date or visit www.mildrillafishing.com Full time USCG licensed captain that spends over 250 days a year on the water. Full time guide on Lake Guntersville for last 12 years and over 26 years of bass fishing experience allows me to give you the most knowledgeable guided fishing experience available. I supply everything you need to go fishing. I only use the best boats and gear from Falcon Rods, Shimano, Sunline, Yum, Booyah, Xcalibur, Heddon, Cotton Cordell, Bomber, Smithwick, Rebel, Phoenix Boats, Mercury Outboards, and T & H Marine. If you book a trip with me then you fish with me, I do not sub trips out.

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January through March Fishing COnditions on Lake Guntersville

Fishing Conditions: This time of year the grass is laying on the bottom dormant waiting for warmer water temperatures. Not only is the grass waiting for warmer temps so are the bass. Bass can be found staging in pockets and creeks. I suggest targeting breaklines and humps to find fish.

Recommended Tackle :
Shimano Curado
G.Loomis GLX Cranking Casting Rod 7'11" H 956 CBR
Sunline Super FC Sniper 16 lb test
Smithwick jerkbaits
Booyah spinnerbaits
Cotton Cordell Super Spots
Bomber crankbaits


March - April fishing on Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Fishing Conditions: The water is warming up and the bass are getting active. This is when the spawn begins and bass can be seen in very shallow water. Baits work best when fished in aprox. 1-4 ft of water.

Recommended Tackle:
Shimano Chronarch
G.Loomis IMX Mag Bass Rod 7' Heavy 844C MBR
Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon 14 lb test
Booyah spinnerbaits
Excalibur Wake baits
Yum Dingers and Yum Lizards



Fishing Conditions April through May on Lake Guntersville, ALFishing Conditions: Bass can be found and caught in just about every condition. There will be bass in pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn which means fish will be in all water depths. Bass can be caught on many other types of lures fished in a variety of ways.

Recommended Tackle:
Shimano Chronarch
G.Loomis IMX Spinnerbait Rod 6'9" Med Hvy 813C SBR
Sunline Super FC Sniper 16 lb test
Yum Dingers and Yum Lizards
Booyah spinnerbaits
Rebel Pop-R's


Fishing Conditions June through August on Lake Guntersville, AL

Fishing Conditions: This is the time bass are post-spawn and move out deeper to recuperate from spawning. Topwater baits are excellent choices overtop of the fast growing grass. Fish are also caught on deep diving crankbaits on deep humps and ledges. But, the most exciting pattern is flipping the big 1 once jig into the heavy milfoil and hydrilla.

Recommended Tackle:
Shimano Castaic
G.Loomis NRX Casting Rod Blue 7'5" XH 895C JWR
Sunline Super FC Sniper 12 lb test & Sunline FX Braid 65lb. test
Heddon Spook
Rebel Pop-R's
Bomber Fat Free Shad
Booyah Boo jig

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER Fishing Conditions during the months of September through October


General Fishing Conditions: This is when the temperatures begin to cool back down and it gets the bass moving back to shallower water. This time is the absolute best time to catch bass on a Frog or Rat on top of the grass mats. This pattern is not for the weak at heart, because the bites are explosive!

Recommended Tackle:
Shimano Castaic
G.Loomis Frog Cast Rod 7'9" Mag Heavy TWFR935C
Sunline Shooter Defier 22 lb test. and Sunline FX Braid 65lb. test
YUM Buzz Frog
Silver Thread Fluorocarbon Fishing Line - 20 lb test


Fishing Conditions November through December on Lake Guntersville, AL

General Fishing Conditions: The grass is dying off and leaving just the steams this time of year. With the grass mats reseeding the fish tend to scatter but can be caught on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and crankbaits fished through the stringy grass.

Recommended Tackle:
Shimano Chronarch
G.Loomis GL2 Cast Spinnerbait Rod 6'9" Medium 812C SBR
Sunline Super Natural 16 lb test
Booyah spinnerbaits
Booyah buzzbaits
Bomber crankbaits


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