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Overall fishing conditions on Lake Guntersville during the year



January through March Fishing COnditions on Lake Guntersville

Fishing Conditions: This time of year the grass is laying on the bottom dormant waiting for warmer water temperatures. Not only is the grass waiting for warmer temps so are the bass. Bass can be found staging in pockets and creeks. I suggest targeting break lines and humps to find fish.

Recommended Tackle :
Daiwa Tatula SV TWS
Daiwa Tatula Elite Cranking Rod 7'4" Medium Heavy
Sunline Super FC Sniper 16 lb test
Booyah Hard Knocker
Bandit Flatt Maxx
Smithwick Rogue
Alabama Rig with Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas - Cane Thumper


Fishing Conditions April through May on Lake Guntersville, AL

Fishing Conditions: The water is warming up and the bass are getting active. This is when the spawn begins and bass can be seen in very shallow water. Baits work best when fished in approx. 1-4 ft of water.

Recommended Tackle:
Daiwa Tatula SV TWS
Daiwa Tatula Elite Rod 7' Medium Heavy
Sunline Super FC Sniper 16 lb test
Big Bite Baits Swimming Craw
Big Bite Baits Trick Stick
Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas - Cane Thumper
War Eagle Spinnerbaits


 Fishing Conditions April through May on Lake Guntersville, AL

Fishing Conditions: Bass can be found and caught in just about every condition. There will be bass in pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn which means fish will be in all water depths. Bass can be caught on many other types of lures fished in a variety of ways.

Recommended Tackle:
Daiwa Tatula CT
Daiwa Tatula Elite Rod 7'3" Medium Heavy
Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon 14 lb test
Booyah Hard Knocker
Big Bite Baits Trick Stick and Brush Pig Creature
War Eagle Spinnerbaits
Big Bite Baits Yomama


 Fishing Conditions June through August on Lake Guntersville, AL

Fishing Conditions: This is the time bass are post-spawn and move out deeper to recuperate from spawning. Topwater baits are excellent choices overtop of the fast-growing grass. Fish are also caught on deep diving crankbaits on deep humps and ledges. But, the most exciting pattern is flipping the big 1 once jig into the heavy milfoil and hydrilla.

Recommended Tackle:
Daiwa Tatula SV TWS
Daiwa Tatula Elite Rod 7'3" Medium Heavy
Sunline Super FC Sniper 12 lb test & Sunline FX Braid 65lb. test
Heddon Spooks
Bomber FatFree Shad Crankbaits
Big Bite Baits Kriet Tail Worm
Big Bite Baits Yomama


 Fishing Conditions during the months of September through October

General Fishing Conditions: This is when the temperatures begin to cool back down and it gets the bass moving back to shallower water. This time is the absolute best time to catch bass on a Frog or Rat on top of the grass mats. This pattern is not for the weak at heart, because the bites are explosive! You can haul in both largemouth and smallmouth.

Recommended Tackle:
Daiwa Tatula Type-HD
Daiwa Tatula XT Casting Rod 7'6" Heavy
Sunline Shooter Defier 22 lb test. and Sunline FX Braid 65lb. test
Big Bite Baits Top Toad
Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas - Fighting Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher



Fishing Conditions November through December on Lake Guntersville, AL

General Fishing Conditions: The grass is dying off and leaving just the steams this time of year. With the grass mats reseeding the fish tend to scatter but can be caught on spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and crankbaits fished through the stringy grass.

Recommended Tackle:
Daiwa Tatula CT Type-R
Daiwa Tatula Elite Rod 7'3" Medium Heavy
Sunline Super Natural 16 lb test
Norman Crankbaits
Big Bite Baits Real Deal Shad
Big Bite Baits Jointed Jerk Minnow 10pk


“We just wanted to say Thanks to Tim for taking us out Monday before the storm and then again Tuesday. We had a blast. He works hard to find the fish for his clients to catch and has the MOST experience on the lake than anyone I've talked to. The first fish of the day was a 7 & 1/2 pounder. We are from Augusta, GA and drove almost 6 hours to fish with Tim and it was definitely worth it!! We caught some good fish out on the ledges and a few fish over 6 pounds. Thanks again Tim for a great time on Lake Guntersville. We will definitely see you again soon!
Nick & Maggie - Augusta, GA  
“Thanks for a great trip on Guntersville! We have fished probably sixty guided bass trips on Lake Mead, Table Rock, Florida lakes, Toledo Bend, and Lake Fork and our four days with you were amazing. It was fun to catch the number of bass we landed a day, which probably averaged over 50, but to have the number of quality fish from 4 to 7 lbs. was great, and to top that off catching an 8 lb.13 oz.!!! We will definitely be back for more!!!”
Ronnie and Liz Milton - Livingston, LA
“I just wanted to say thanks to Tim for one of the best days I've ever had on the water. The conditions were rough with the high winds but he was still able to put us on the fish in a big way! But besides the actual fishing I really enjoyed asking questions about the lake, lures and techniques. He answered every question, and there were a lot of them, with exceptional detail making sureI understood exactly what he was explaining. It's information that will last for many fishing seasons to come and that's why I told him it was the best money I'd ever spent. I booked other trips before we even got back to the dock and plan on making it an annual part of my fishing.”
Wes Jolly - Warrior, AL
“Wow what a day!!!! If anyone is wanting to learn jig fishing on Guntersville go with Tim Chandler. He put us on the fish and made catching big fish easy. We caught around 25 fish and the biggest 6+ with 10 over 4lbs. Thanks Tim for a wonderful trip. ”
Chad and Mike - Birmingham, AL
“My daughter Vee had the time of her life and some memories that are priceless. She couldn't stop telling her friends about Mr. Tim and his big red boat. The attention you paid to my daughter and care you demonstrated when coaching her or even engaging her in conversation was most appreciated by her Dad. Dad to Dad...thank you from the bottom of my heart for some awesome photos and memories that I have with my Daughter. We were lucky to boat 13 fish, but just the time together with my daughter would have been worth the cost of the trip. Any Dad (or Mom) wanting to take their child on a trip they will not soon forget should contact you. It is easy to see why you are so busy. I am looking forward to wetting a hook again with you soon.”
John Steger - Huntsville, AL
“Tim is the best guide by far I have ever fished with. This man knows his stuff and will put you on em. Great guy and excellent guide..”
Jason Snell - Jamesville, NC